The school of Traditional Karate was established in Windsor in 1991, however a number of the senior members have been training in the area for many years. The senior clubs instructors, each have in excess of thirty years karate experience, training in this country and Japan and still study under various Karate Masters. New members are normally taught the basics by one of the instructors, on a one to one basis or in small groups, they are then encouraged to slowly join the main class. The club does not cater for sport karate, but prefers to concentrate on the traditional art as used for self-defence. The club does however hold competitions for children, where they may demonstrate their ability to the level they have achieved.


  • Chief instructor: Yoshikazu Sumi –  8th Dan
  • Chief Instructor UK: Ashley Jansen 6th Dan
  • Club Chairman: Dennis Reid Shodan
  • Senior Instructor: Keith Merry 5th Dan
  • Club Instructor: Lesley Rowe 4th Dan
  • Club Chairman: Dennis Reid

The school of Traditional Karate is an independent association practising and teaching an authentic martial art. We are registered with the Amateur Martial Arts Association and English Karate Governing Body

email: ashleygjansen@gmail.com