We all enjoyed our 2nd big event held at Ridgeway ClairesCourt School this year ..2013, a big thank you to Jeff Watkins (headmaster)

A fantastic Shodan grade from Mathew Edwards and Oliver Whipp who are the proud new owners of that well deserved Black Belt !

Thank you to our Instructors Ashley Jansen senior UK chief Instructor 6th dan, Debbie Richards 4th dan and Philip Richards 1st dan, a 1st class professional Instructor, Philip also offers a host of courses on the water at  perfect for the summer holidays!

Thank you to our Photographer Daniel Lucas, also to the super Administration team Ruth Wigmore and Jill Chadwick.

 Congratulations to you all ! Enjoy your photos of the day ..

2015 Event Form

The School of Traditional Karate

The School of Traditional Karate

IMG_7682 Registration IMG_7684 IMG_7683 arriving hall 1 Anders Callway warming up for the event Ansh and Ojas Kumite practice arriving and excited for the day ahead arriving hall 1 Ben Tapner Evans perfect punch Flora Gault and Alex Hall Flossy sets the pace GEORGE GRADE - ALEX GRADE - HARRY GRADE - RACHAEL HEARN GRADE 2 KYU GRADE 5KYU 1 GRADE 5KYU 2 GRADE 6KYU GRADE 6KYU-1 GRADE 7KYU GRADE 9KYU GRADE ALEX GRADE BEGINNERS GRADE SAM GRADE SENIORS 1 group Shamir and Alex group1 group2 group3 group4 help with the obi instructors ready Jessica Edwards and Samuel Blackman JOSH YOKO-GERI line up MAE-GERI 1 MAE-GERI 2 MAE-GERI 3 MAE-GERI 4 Mathew Edwards basics MEZ 1 MEZ2 Nearly ready to start Niam and Hugo Kumite practice Ojas practices his kata Oliver Ben and Stephan Kumite practice Oliver Sheppard and James Redford Oliver Whipp basics Philip Richards Register's the arrivals Registration rei Ridgeway juniors warming up Samuel Blackman with sensei Ashley Seniors kumite Seniors practice kumite Shamir  Hafeez - age uke Shamir tests his Soto uke SHODAN GRADE 1 SHODAN GRADE KATA MATT copy SHODAN GRADE KATA OLIVER SHODAN GRADE OLIVER WHIPP SHODAN GRADE start with the basics watching the seniors WATCHING YOKO-GERI 2 YOKO-GERI PHIL YOKO-GERI

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