Terms and Conditions

Please Read the School of Traditional karate Club Terms and Conditions

1) All potential Members must declare on application any physical abnormality, sickness or medical condition that could be aggravated by the practice of Karatei.eg:. Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart defect etc.

2) All members will undertake to act in a responsible and safe manner when engaging in club activities and abide by the instructions of the club instructors.

3) Members will not engage in Club activities whilst under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.

4) Whilst every care is taken to encourage the safety and health of members, the club will not accept liability for injury or sickness caused as a result of misbehaviour, general unfitness or unorthodox act, accidental or otherwise, by members on the club premises.

5) Note there is some contact by the Instructors which is necessary to assist with the positioning of stance and posture during the lesson, parent’s permission for this is granted upon signing this application…..

6) Please Note: Children must be accompanied by a parent or School during a grading and club events

7) Membership fee is to be paid in full before you train (this form must be completed before attending a trial class, membership payment is expected if continuing to attend)

8) Term & Event Fees are non refundable (discretionary in the event of long term illness)

9) Your contact information is not shared unless your permission is given


Chief Instructor UK: Sensei Ashley Jansen

Club Chairman: Mr. John Holloway

Senior Instructor: Debbie Richards

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