Karate Licence and Grade Log Book

Karate Licence and Grade Log Book
This has been signed by Sensei Sumi
Sensei Ashley Jansen Uk Chief Instructor










remember you will need the recommended 20 lessons between grades, if in doubt speak with Sensei 

NEXT GRADE: 2018  

Summer Course & Grading 

Venue:Sports Hall, Herschel Grammar School, Whitby Road, Slough SL1 3BW 

Startingat12 pmprompt Finishat17.00 Details of the day link

Children’s Syllabus if you require a copy please select on the contact form

Student Grades are held 3-4 times a year. There is a  requirement of minimum 20 lessons between each Grading.

Grade levels are important achievements for the children, there are many benefits with creating and achieving a goal, confidence & concentration levels enhance greatly.

Many parents often report back a vast improvement with their child’s school results through increased concentration level with the confidence to succeed.

Gradings are held in your dojo or School/club (mainly beginners) to build the student’s confidence.

We have our Annual Course and Grading for all students which is held just before the school’s summer holidays

We hold annual events for all of our students to become involved with our karate community, with our national Tournament and yearly Course and Grade  providing all our students an opportunity to show off their skills and meet with their peer group.

5th kyu (purple belt) students and above are graded in the presence of Sensei Ashley Jansen UK Chief Instructor or Children’s Senior Instructor 3rd Dan or above.