EVENT  Fifield Junior Shodan Course to be arranged, we apologise for the cancellation of the last date due to clashes with school events & trips, Sensei Ashley will visit the dojo senior class soon

EVENT  Children’s Summer Course & Grading fee: £30 (Shodan Grading plus £75 to be paid when presenting your licence/grade book at the Grade table) *Please ensure you read the Agenda details (includes timings) of the day… good luck everyone!!


REMEMBER GRADE BOOKS please (required at all events)

Children’s Event Form —————————————————Contact us or Debbie 077196 45678

The School of Traditional Karate

The School of Traditional Karate

Terms and Conditions


2 Responses to EVENTS

  1. Farah Sheikh (for Aaran Hitschmann) says:

    Dear Sensei Debbie,
    Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement to Aaran at Ridgeway on Friday. We will stay in Maidenhead for the karate grading and I can celebrate my birthday on another weekend.
    Wanted to check the timing on the website: the event says 1-4pm at the top of the page but different times are noted here – 9.45am registration. Can check these with you on Friday.
    Kind regards,

    • hi Farah
      Thank you for the feedback, apologies for any confusion we have updated the information on the Events page please note the times are now 1 pm till 5 pm and registration is 12.40 pm

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