Events are listed below descending in date order Complete your event attendance form below please

EVENT  SHODAN & SQUAD TRAINING on Sunday 14th October note: Shodan training on this even have invited 3rd kyu (brown belts/above) up to Shodan 

Venue: Woodlands Park, Manifold Way, Waltham Road, Maidenhead SL6 3GW

Starting 14:00 prompt  Finish 17:00 details of the day to posted soon

EVENT  National Tournament on Sunday 11th November note: this includes individual kata, team kata & Kumite (kumite, sparring for 8 years & above)

KUMITE KIT REQUIRED (Safety regulations) you may find more information of what is needed & why including how to measure on the link REQUIRED KUMITE KIT

 Venue: Sports Hall, Herschel Grammar School, Whitby Road, Slough SL1 3BW 

Starting at tbc prompt  Finish at tbc details of the day to posted soon

EVENT  Black & Brown Belt Course & Grading on Sunday 2nd December (provisional date tbc)

EVENT  Fifield Grading Saturday 8th December 15:30 (Classes on this day change, all students invited to the pre-grade warm up practice at 14:30) Parents arrive please at 15:20 payment is taken on the day before the grading starts Grade fee: £15

REMEMBER GRADE BOOKS please (required at all events)

Children’s Event Form —————————————————Contact us or Debbie 077196 45678

The School of Traditional Karate

The School of Traditional Karate


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2 Responses to EVENTS

  1. Farah Sheikh (for Aaran Hitschmann) says:

    Dear Sensei Debbie,
    Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement to Aaran at Ridgeway on Friday. We will stay in Maidenhead for the karate grading and I can celebrate my birthday on another weekend.
    Wanted to check the timing on the website: the event says 1-4pm at the top of the page but different times are noted here – 9.45am registration. Can check these with you on Friday.
    Kind regards,

    • hi Farah
      Thank you for the feedback, apologies for any confusion we have updated the information on the Events page please note the times are now 1 pm till 5 pm and registration is 12.40 pm

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